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Doctor’s Office BREATH EASY

Dewteq / Doctor’s Office BREATH EASY

Introducing set of Dehumidifier, Air purifier and a voltage stabilizer

for Doctor’s office BREATH EASY

Dewteq Technologies is introducing Doctor’s office BREATH EASY concept in India. Doctor’s office is an ideal place where a Dehumidifier and Air purifier required together.

A Doctor examines around 30 patients a day in a closed room when AC is running or not mostly same air circulates in the room. Patients with different infections enters into room and air inside the room contaminates. Doctor’s office contains different chemicals used for dressing and cleaning wounds evaporation from this chemicals adds some kind of smell into air. On the other hand most of the Doctors practice in the center of the town where air pollution is more. Because of air management and air handling awareness in India is less, most of the Doctor offices were not been a pleasant place for non patients.

Here is a solution for above common problem. We are introducing first time in India this concept. Set of dehumidifier and air purifier with world-class features at an affordable price for room size up to 225Sq. feet (15Lx15Wx10H).

What happens when you install this equipment?

A clean room with BREATH EASY for both Doctor as well as patients enters into Doctor’s room. Air purifier takes care of your Air quality and Dehumidifier keeps your room dry by removing excess humidity in the air and it is more effective during rainy season when seasonal allergies are more.

How much equipment costs?

It costs Rs.36,000 for equipment. It includes 16Lit/Day dehumidifier,  Air purifier minimum 5 stage filters and a v-guard voltage stabilizer.

What is yearly running cost of this equipment?

Yearly running cost is around Rs. 8,000.  Below key perimeters to calculate the cost:
a) Total electrical load is  330 W (255+55+20)

b) Yearly two air filter set changes for air purifier. One filter set costs Rs. 2800 per change

c) Calculations based on equipment operates 10 hours/day, Rs.6/unit electricity. For your information: If your ambient conditions are worse with high pollution and dust you may need to change more than two filter sets per year.

What are the advantages by installing this equipment?

a) Reduces high humidity  levels in the room

b) Dehumidifier can be operated along with AC

c) Dries your wet room soon after moping

d) Protects your valuable documents and articles from high humidity issues

e) Reduces alleviate chest conditions brought on by damp air

f) Removes the sticky feeling from hot humid summer

g) Air purifier captures viruses, bacteria, pollution, mold spores, dust mites, dust, smoke and pollen from the room air.

In coastal ares with high ambient humidity Doctor offices are running AC even though outside weather is cold enough. This is because AC removes excess humidity up to some extent. BREATH EASY equipment total power consumption is only 330 Watts it removes excess humidity in your room and you can set the required maximum humidity level in your room.

Recommended Use:

Doctor’s offices, patient waiting hall, stock room and medical stores etc. This equipment is not for operation theater use in hospitals.