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Frequently Asked Questions

Dewteq / Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Is it recommended sealing room as much as possible for installing dehumidifier?

Answer: No, you should allow enough fresh air entering into the room, otherwise depending on occupancy oxygen levels will reduce in the room.

2.  I don’t have fresh air around me, I am in the center of the town where pollution and dust are more, what to do?

Answer: Please contact Dewteq for advice and suggestions on air handling.

3.  What does dehumidifier do?

Answer: It reduces excess humidity in the air.  Helps to prevent condensation, mold, and damp issues.

4.  Why my dehumidifier collects very less water than it is rated?

Answer: Once your set humidity is reached in the room, dehumidifier stops collecting the water from the air.  If your room is well sealed you will see very less water in the tank.

5.   Why my room is warm after turning ON the dehumidifier?

Answer: Depending on type of dehumidifier 3 to 8 Deg C raise in ambient temperature you will observe.

6.  Is it advised using dehumidifier with Air condition?

Answer: Yes, Air condition will remove excess humidity some extent,  but once set temperature is reached it will switch off its compressor.