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Selection of Compressor Dehumidifier


Important parameters that we need to choose right compressor dehumidifier

Room size: Measure your room size and number of doors and windows.

Target Humidity:  Our compressor models support  40%RH to 85%RH target humidity.

Room Temperate: Compressor Dehumidifiers work between 10 Deg C to 35 Deg C.

Sources of Moisture: If you have open water sources like pool of water or material with moisture than you need strong dehumidifier.

How well room is sealed: Please make sure sufficient fresh air enters in to room, otherwise oxygen levels will reduce in the room depending on number of persons in the room.

No of persons working in the room: Each person in the room emits 3 to 6 Liters/Day depending on the work  he is doing.  This is one of the important perimeter to be considered while selecting the dehumidifier.

How many times door openings/Hour:  If number of door opening are more outside air enters in to room, that will increase the moisture in the room if out side humidity is more.