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Moisture Load Calculations

Dewteq / Moisture Load Calculations

Below calculations are for selecting suitable Compressor Dehumidifier.  For Desiccant Dehumidifier please contact us.


0 Liters

0 (Liters/Day at your Room Temperature)



Consider below points while selecting dehumidifier.

  • Above tool is to facilitate basic idea, for more detailed calculations please contact us.
  • Peak moisture load is combination of maximum temperature with maximum humidity in the room.
  • Moisture load increases due to leakages from doors, windows, exhaust fans and wet walls etc.
  • Occupancy in the room, add each person 4 to  6 Liters/Day depending on the work they are doing.
  • Moisture load will increase from the materials, example: Vegetables or any moisture content material.
  • Always allow fresh air into the room based on the occupancy. If we circulate same air in the room depending on number of persons oxygen levels will reduce.
  • Contact Dewteq Technologies if you need factory visit for your dehumidifier requirement analysis.